2022 Maine Full Google Maps Stocking Report Yearly Subscription

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Map updated monthly, last updated on: 08/01/2022

It is time to fish smarter, spend less time planning, and more time fishing!

     So years ago I got tired of spending hours pouring over the state stocking report, the endless data table of numbers, trying to figure out when, where, size, and amount of fish stocked in a given body of water...

   Thought I could improve on that a bit, to be more user-friendly and place the same info in Google Maps! Which I use on my cell every time I go fishing now!!


  • Find stocked bodies of water easier!
  • Use Google Maps Direction on your cell!
  • Quantity of fish stocked!
  • Size of fish stocked!
  • What month stocked!
  • Filter by species!
  • Time-saving no need for states pdf report!
  • Maps are Searchable!

    With legends, you can filter out species!

      *Note: All species icons are stacked on top of another, so uncheck to see more fish...

    Click on a fish icon to see the details for that body of water!

    Buy this map now and enjoy great fishing this weekend!

         This is to give users full access to Google Maps, which I created from the Maine State Stocking Report for 2022, with over 1 Million fish stocked in 2021.

        Once you click to purchase and please create an account so I can give you access with your email address. This may take up to 24 hours to process please be patient.

    An email will be sent to you once I have given you permission to access the map...

    Thank you!

    Chris at Daily Fly 

    Any questions DM me on Facebook: Messenger 

    Please provide an email at checkout, so I can grant you access to Google Maps...

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