2022 Maine Bass Fishing Map Large and Small Mouth and State Records

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It is time to fish smarter, spend less time planning, and more time fishing!

     This map will save you time and research finding places to bass fish. This map is on Google Maps and is mobile-friendly. Just choose from either Large Mouth or Small Mouth or both and click the fish which will show you Public Access. Then choose direction and long as you have a cell signal Google Maps give you directions to the fishing hole! 

Map based on the State of Maines mainebasswaters.pdf

     I thought I could improve on that to be more user-friendly and place the same tables in Google Maps that I use on my cell every time I go fishing now!!


  • Find ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams easier with just your cell!
  • Mobile get direction with Google Maps (as long you have a signal)!
  • Give instructions to the Public Access!
  • Filter byLarge or Small Mouth or both!
  • Time-saving no need for states pdf report!
  • State Records are listed as well!
  • Searchable!

Buy this map now and enjoy great fishing this weekend!

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