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Some articles in the past or blog posts on popular websites say the requirements for fly fishing you need the hands of a surgeon, the movements of Tiger Woods, and the spirit of a Zen master. None of these qualifications are true because I am an okay fly fisherman and fit not of those qualifications. Fly fishing has an atmosphere about it a quality, many fly fisherman write books about fishing. So I had to do this blog… LOL

And they try to make sense of this beautiful relaxing sport on paper or online. For myself, I love angling with my fly rod, and it is the most productive and relaxing way to fish. It truly is my favorite thing to do!


As a boy I grew up spin casting with lures there are all kinds of lures to try to figure out to use. So to me spin casting is for more demanding and challenging to know what to use when and where. The real difference between spin casting and fly fishing it the weight of the lure or a split shot carries the line through the cast. Where fly fishing it is the line that you cast not the fly which gives it weight. The fly fishing cast is like a whip, which calls for timing and a lot of practice. Took me months to learn to cast a fly line, I just didn’t pick it up and start casting. But spin casting with a few short cast can pick up really quickly. I have taught a few how to fly fish over a few years. You can in very short period of time cast and catching fish. You will be fly fishing very short distances and maybe not catching many fish, but you are fly fishing. Then just practice any chance you get in the backyard! You lock your elbow to your hip and flick the wrist the rest is timing. The rod is a tool not  a dumb stick. You can drive a nail with a dumb rock, or you can us a hammer. Both will work but one is more effective than the other. Same with a fly rod, once you use it as a tool to get line out and flex the rod like a spring. It is no longer a dumb stick but a useful tool.


I like the simple approach to fly fishing, keep it simple and maybe a step above spin casting. You don’t need a lot of flies, you don’t need to study insect, you don’t need to study bug hatches and try to time it perfectly. Keep it simple even the number of cast you need to use. You will be able to fish in fresh and or saltwater for all kinds of different species of fish. Just a few cast styles and three knots is all I use…


Goal here on the this blog is to narrow down the tons of information written about fly fishing and just rely on the simple fun of fly fishing to make it enjoyable. Then all you need to do is fish and practice. Once you have the basics the best way to learn is just go fishing…


Three basic things you should know when fishing for cold blooded fish like trout and salmon. They are very sensitive to heat or warm water. So there are three rules I use to increase the odds of catching these kinds of fish. First is temperature cooler water will produce more (how cool will be covered later). Second, structure like rocks, trees, or even foam on the water. Places the fish can hide and even in the rivers use the hydro cushion behind and in front of rocks to feed. Third, Oxygen. Highly oxygenated water like when water flows through dams, over rocks, and structure in rivers and brooks. Turning the water white with bubbles. The fish love to feed in an around this type of water. I will cover this in more detail with future blog post ahead.


I do fish down more than on the surface with streamers and nymphs. Ninety percent of a fishes diet is downstairs. A good minnow pattern or something that looks like a crayfish is a good choose for a fly….



Why you should take up fly fishing

  • Get to see some beautiful spots while fishing!
  • Not a lot of gear, rod, net, and small fly box!
  • Go by yourself or with a friend!
  • Get the thrill of catching fish and if you want to let go without a scratch!
  • Trout are delicious and easy to cook and debone!



My hopes in this blog and blogs to come

  • People who have never fly fished before…
  • People who have done some fly fishing…
  • People who have fished many times…





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